Supa soak dat HO!

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haha no homo (for ryan really)



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line and sinker



how many years in the making?

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people as a whole

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everyone has their interests and hobbies and crap that they enjoy, but that is not who that person is. the way you treat people is who you are.



Took a four year long shit…

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and damn i was tired after that degree came out, but after a bit of R&R i think its time to get back.



a level of sustained craziness…

•October 15, 2008 • 1 Comment

is essential to survival in todays world. please let me be a bit crazier than the rest, maybe that will ensure my chances of survival.

until then…

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so im shooting for a portfolio and 2 galleries. one opening at the beginning of october and the other at the beginning of december…. im getting it all confused. if you need me you will know where to find me….